Skulls Snakes and the Flower of Death, es un cortometraje de Autobahn sobre el tatuaje y su relación con el arte, la muerte y el amor.

El director James Worsley comenta:  «Aunque los tatuajes pueden parecer simples, tal vez inconsecuentes, también pueden esconderse bajo capas de nuestra propia psique. Ellos revelan mucho sobre nosotros mismos y reflejan nuestra propia existencia finita».


La película que se presenta junto a un libro cuenta con la colaboración del tatuador Joao Bosco.


Life’s most incredible miracle poisons us with its inevitable curse.
Birth comes not alone, but with an irrefutable deal.
Through the eyes of the serpent we see the gift of our existence,
Its representation of fertility hides beneath its skin a brutal poison.
A poison which can cure or kill.
The strike of the serpent punctures our flesh, flooding our bodies with venom.
Our eyes close, the lights dim.

Chrysanthemums engulf us, petals fall gently touching our bones.
After we are gone only nature will remain.
Roots grow through the middle of our skin,
Each flower feeding from us, born out of our being.
And they also fade.
The insuppressible cycle of life and death.

A skull reminds us of our end.
A temporary ship for ideas that can save or kill.
We appropriate, change and make ours.
There is no infinite only an instant.
Nothing is forever but time itself.

Through art we can understand our deepest fears, our morals, our mission on the universe or rather the lack thereof.
Death is humans’ biggest nemesis.
The one fate we cannot avoid.
Nothing illustrates this better than marking our bodies.
Our vessel through this finite time.
To embrace our ephemeral existence is our only choice, our only path to truly seize the miracle that is life.


Director: Autobahn (James Worsley and Pedro de la Fuente)
Director of Photography: Luke Jacobs
Production Company: Autobahn Productions
Producer: Thais Altman, Gabi Carpenter
Edit: Autobahn
Featuring: João Bosco and his tattoo work on Nick Lovene, Darren Line, Anita, Bruno Wayths, Edgar Astk
Score: Studio Uno Mas
Composer:Russ Chimes
Post Production Company:The Mill
Colour Producer: Dan Kreeger
Colourist:Jim Bracher
Production Designer:Jenny Dee
Model Maker: Manuel Gonzalez (Art Skulls)
1st AC: Tommy McMahon
Gaffer: Mark Holownia
VFX Company: The Mill
Compositor: Andre Bittencourt
Audio Post Production: Final Cut
Sound Designer: Alex Bingham
Voice Over: Tedroy Newell
Animal Services: Amazing Animals (Betsie the black King snake)
Title Design: Marcos Ribeiro
Design Direction: Duncan Edwards
Runner: Caterina Latte
Special thanks to: The Mill, Studio Uno Mas, Pixipixel, Final Cut, Firebug Lighting and Lock Studios
Poem written by Autobahn.

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